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Introducing Argall

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About Us

Founded in 2017, Argall is a structural engineering consultancy with a focus on front end service, sustainable design and working with inspired people to instill structural intelligence into aesthetic concepts. At Argall we have a passion for working with architectural / landscape architectural designers and builders alike to create new structural and aesthetic combined forms as well as to rethink the application of existing engineering and building techniques.

Our Engineering Mission

In an age where the 'consulting' aspect of consulting engineering is becoming less prevalent and at a time where sustainable design is needed more than ever, our engineering mission at Argall is to provide an uncompromising level of service while being on the forefront of innovation with respect to sustainable design practices.

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Our History

Argall was founded in 2017 by Andrew Gall. Andrew is an engineer with a passion for complex design and breaking the mould. Andrew's experience working across a variety of project disciplines including sport, tertiary education, the arts, community, zoological, commercial, residential and multi-residential projects has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of different design methodologies. Andrew also has experience working in both traditional procurement roles and working closely with builders in the design and construction field.


Thinking from the designer's perspective

At Argall we think of ourselves as functional and aesthetic designers / problem solvers first and engineers second. This is because we pride ourselves on providing an uncompromising face-to-face service during the preliminary and schematic design phases to assist designers in combining structure with their desired architectural language. This enables the creation of a structurally intelligent aesthetic solution that is rarely achieved following a typical linear structural engineering advice process.


Thinking from the environment's perspective

While sustainable practices are on the forefront of the minds of designers and clients alike, at times the focus doesn't extend past in-service operational energy. At Argall we take pride in understanding the embodied energy encompassed as part of the structural materials and construction processes used as part of our designs. Therefore as part of any design process we take the time to educate designers and clients about the energy embodied as part of the structural design. We’re also constantly looking for new advancements and technologies to find the smartest and most optimal structural solutions using the most efficient of materials.


Thinking from the contractor's perspective

In addition to working with in-service architectural and landscape architectural designers, Argall enjoys developing strong relationships with builders and working with them to challenge pre-existing engineering concepts and designs by way of exploring more cost efficient and practical solutions. With a broad range of experience from sports stadiums to theatres and tertiary education facilities to multi residential, Argall has a strong understanding of a wide range of structural materials and construction methodologies which is a key asset in any value management or design and construct process.

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