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Orangutan Gym at the Melbourne Zoo

Argall is pleased to announce that we have been engaged by the Melbourne Zoo to design a one of a kind Orangutan Gym at the Melbourne Zoo.

The project is to be a swift one with design, fabrication and installation all programmed within a two month period. Onsite inspections and meetings with an extensive amount of the zoo staff have commenced to ensure that all functional needs are met just as well as the structural needs.

The structure itself will be a modular one that has the capacity to be reconfigured, dissembled and reconstructed in the future an is not dissimilar to a large Meccano set. This is all while the structure meets the rigorous requirements of category one animal containment.

As part of this work we have also undertaken a structural assessment at height of the existing Orangutan exhibit and the climbing structures inside. These are also planned to be refurbished in the year so watch this space.

*Update 10 January 2018

Refer to the link below for Herald Sun article on the new facility.

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