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CSL $28M rPD Facility Feasibility Study

Argall has been engaged to contribute to the feasibility / master plan for the proposed new CSL biotechnology rPD facility, to be built in Parkville. This fitting location is already home to a number of biotechnology and research focused ventures, with Melbourne University, the bio21 institute, the Melbourne Brain Centre, numerous hospitals with their associated research centres, as well as numerous other R&D facilities already sharing this exciting hub.

CSL need no introduction, having been a major player in the biotech research and development space for the larger part of the last 20 years. Their work benefits millions of people around the globe, as they strive to develop treatments for rare and serious disease as well providing treatments and preventative therapies for the more common influenza virus.

H2o architects have also been chosen to collaborate on the master plan. H2o architects have strong focus on responsive architecture, unique interior design and intelligent urban planning. They pay particular attention to uniqueness of design, utilizing colourful materials and textures where appropriate to achieve something special for their clients. They also have a keen focus and international reputation for sustainable design. Sustainability in design, a key focus for both H2o and Argall was key factor for CSL as part of their briefing for this project.

Argall is very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to working with the key stakeholders to develop the master plan / feasibility study. To have a hand in developing a master plan for what will be such an important facility, providing ground breaking research breakthroughs for years to come, is very rewarding.

Within the briefing documentation there were a number of items which Argall will need to pay careful consideration. This is due to the nature of the facility and the equipment it houses, as well as the types of functions each space will provide. These considerations include items such as tight tolerances on vibration travel due to sensitive equipment, clear span length requirements so spaces can adequately house hi-tech robotics and height requirements based around large hi-tech mass spectrometer equipment.

We thoroughly look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the master plan design at this infancy stage of what will be a truly rewarding development for all parties concerned.

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