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Bell Primary School $10M Upgrade

Argall has been engaged by Maddison Architects to provide structural engineering services for a three stage $10M upgrade to the Bell Primary School in Preston.

The first stage of the program involves taking the 1920's three story school house and bringing it in to modern age, through an architecturally inspired reconfiguration. The works will yield extensive benefit for the user group, providing new spaces including a library which will have with greater functionality, as well as increasing the functionality of older spaces.

Maddison Architects have provided an exciting vision, attempting to maximize what can be achieved with a limited budget. By utilizing existing structural elements and instilling intelligence into the structural design, Argall will help to ensure that the final solution is both cost effective and provides a high degree of functionality for the school user group.

Argall is excited to contribute to this project in collaboration with Maddison Architects, as we hold work for educational institutions in high regard. These types of facilities play an integral part in developing tomorrow's future, providing inspiration and development for young minds.

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