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Argall Turns One

Argall celebrated its first birthday on the 10th of April and with this in mind we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved in our first 12 months. We are incredibly proud of what has been accomplished and very grateful for the support from our client base and those that have assisted us behind the scenes.

With over half a million dollars of work contracted during the period we've had the pleasure of working across all four eastern states with a variety of amazing clients to assist in delivering some equally interesting projects. As part of this work we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spread our wings to both demonstrate and execute our skill set over a variety of project sizes and disciplines.

We’ve had the opportunity to work on residential and multi-residential / mixed use projects with inspiring architecture firms such as BKK Architects, MA Architects, Kerstin Thompson Architects, Metier3, Cumulus and Antarctica. This work has been super rewarding for us and our clients alike. We have been able to achieve some innovative forms and details instilling structural intelligence into architectural aesthetic concepts, in line with our mission statement.

North Fitzroy Residence, Image Courtesy of Edwards Moore

North Fitzroy Residence (Image Courtesy of Edwards Moore)

The year has also enabled us to undertake a variety of institutional work with the University of New England and the CSIRO. Working with these institutions has been rewarding as we have benefited from collaborating with teams from the respective institutions who possess skillsets outside the design and construction industries. This has enabled us to create structural design responses to some complicated issues utilising a new and untested approach. This in turn contributed some fantastic global design solutions for our clients.

Solar Canopy at the Melbourne Zoo

CSIRO Solar Canopy at the Melbourne Zoo

In a similar vein we have also continued our speciality in zoological work throughout the year. This work has comprised the design of additions and alterations to existing exhibits, new exhibits, new vehicles, new cafes as well as new veterinarian and breeding facilities. These projects have been delivered across three states for the Melbourne Zoo, the Werribee Open Range Zoo, the Healesville Sanctuary, the Taronga Western Plains Zoo (NSW) and the Tasmanian State Government.

Pride Lands African Safari, Taronga Western Plains Zoo (Image courtesy of TPWZ)

Pride Lands African Safari, Taronga Western Plains Zoo

(image courtesy of TPWZ)

As part of our zoological work there is has been an extensive focus on the functionality and access of public space. This bears similarity to work within the ‘community’ sector. At Argall our employees have country roots and therefore we take great pride in delivering projects for the community, especially when we get the opportunity to work for local government or nearby rural communities.

During the year we’ve engaged in projects such as the development of sporting facilities, childcare centres and community centres for the cities of Monash and Maribyrnong as well as the shires of Buloke and Hepburn.

In addition to these design and documentation projects for local governments we have also undertaken a forensic analysis and building condition assessment program encompassing 160 building assets for the Brimbank City Council. This provided critical information for their assets management, maintenance and capital works departments which will be used to allocate funding for the benefit of the local community.

Throughout our first year Argall has also developed a keen interest in working in the sporting sector delivering the new Elite Football facility in Maribyrnong with Leffler Simes Architects and Mainbrace Constructions. Following on from this work we are also currently engaged to design two new community sporting pavilions in 2018 with Katz Architecture.

Elite Football Facility, Maribyrnong (video courtesy of Vision One)

Our work in the commercial sector this year has also been highly rewarding as we have established relationships with builders and head contractors in the sector as well as some commercial entities themselves. This has given us the opportunity to work with the likes of Coles, Big W and Harvey Norman across several of their store locations.

Across the building and contracting fields, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting builders with a wide range of services, such as (1) value engineering and redesign of documented structure to refine cost and to suit the preferred construction methodology, (2) temporary works engineering consisting of complicated propping methodologies and frames to aid in construction and (3) the independent certification of designs engineered by others.

Our work with reputable contractors such as Mainbrace Constructions, Orange Buildings Solutions, Newpol Construction and Drive Construction paves the way for a greater understanding of the construction process. It also serves to benefit our work with builders and other contractors as well as providing better all-round in-service structural design solutions for our design consultant teams.

CAE Oxford Training Facility, Moorabbin

CAE Oxford Training Facility, Moorabbin (image courtesy of CAE Oxford)

A highlight of this work was having the benefit on working with Mainbrace Constructions as part of their role for the CAE Oxford Training Facility at the Moorabbin Airport. The project brought with it learning, understanding and skills of a new project discipline.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the support of our valued advisers and loyal and supportive client base. Accordingly, Argall would like to extend a huge thanks to our mentors both past and present, our advisers and to our clients for their support during our first year of business. Your support and feedback throughout the year has been of paramount importance in assisting us as we build the foundations for a new age structural engineering brand and service.

In the year to come we aim to expand our team of three, increasing the diversity of skills and resources which we can utilise to deliver new and exciting projects. As we strive to do this we vow not to compromise on our brand of unparalleled service which we deliver across a wide range of project disciplines for our valued clients.

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