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Argall continues its Animal Instinct

Throughout the past year Argall has had the pleasure of working with the Melbourne Zoo, the Werribee Open Range Zoo and the Healesville Sanctuary and well as the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW.

Our work with the zoos across two states has involved additions and alterations works to a number of animal exhibits from lions to meerkats and elephants to butterflies. One of these alterations included the refurbishment works to the butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo that included the construction of a flexible solar canopy working in conjunction with the CSIRO.

Our work has also involved forensic engineering of existing structures throughout each of the campuses and providing valuable advice to funding and maintenance departments for the zoos.

Most excitingly however, our work has involved the design of new exhibits, cafes / restaurants and public functional spaces within the zoos. The latest of these being the Vet Hospital at the Melbourne Zoo which is currently in design.

We thoroughly enjoy our work with the zoos and the first principal structural design challenges that animal containment design provides. This is combined with the additional design challenges that are presented as part the zoos' quest for environmentally sustainable design, locally sourced materials and labour and the best practices in DDA to best accommodate for their visitors.

At Argall we've rarely worked with more enthusiastic and passionate clients that we've encountered as part of our work with the zoos aforementioned, and we're excited as to what we can collectively achieve with them into the future.

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