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  • Alavro Perez

Argall at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo NSW

Following Argall director Andrew Gall's involvement as the project engineer during the design phase and Argall's involvement during the construction phase of the project, Argall would like to congratulate the Taronga Western Plains Zoo's opening of the Pride Lands African Lion Adventure.

The $9M development includes containment moat water retaining structure and filtration wet lands structures, lookout structures formed structurally from only plate steel, lion containment barriers and holding areas and timber and steel foot bridge / pedestrian transfer structures designed to fit into the surrounding landscape.

Our role during construction has been an enjoyable one providing redesign advice to the aforementioned elements incorporating advice from variety of stakeholders and animal experts, as well as designing the structural components of the safari vehicle that will pass through the exhibit.

Well done again to the team at Dubbo.

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