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Argall and KTA working in Fitzroy

We at Argall have been big admirers of the work done at Kerstin Thompson Architect's. Fortunately, we now find ourselves in an absolutely privileged position, with an opportunity to work with them on not one, but two great multi-residential projects in our local neighborhood of Fitzroy.

The first is the refurbishment of a 1970s signature apartment building on George Street. The project has a number of challenges of structurally integrating KTA's new aesthetic and functional vision into the exiting structure.

Image courtesy of KTA

The design and documentation process for this project has been an enjoyable one and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as this moves into construction in the coming weeks.

Image courtesy of KTA

The second project is a town house development in our very own piece of Fitzroy - Kerr Street. We're exited about the concept that KTA have developed as part of their town planning approval package for the project and we are looking forward to commencing schematic design on the project soon.

Image courtesy of KTA

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