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  • Solomon Doak

But is it lion proof?

Following Argall director Andrew Gall's involvement in the delivery of the new Lion Safari exhibit at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, Argall have been engaged to assist All Terrain Warriors in designing the safari vehicle suitable to be driven within the exhibit.

At Argall we enjoy the challenge of working with enthusiastic clients and designers alike on a variety of structures that exist outside of standard structural design codes and the NCC. We pride ourselves on providing a cutting edge service that enables us to interpret a wide variety of variables from our clients to diagnose the design scope / scenario they require and then provide them with a clear design solution.

The design scope / scenario of the vehicle (just like the design of the containment structures within the exhibit) is built upon a first principles assessment of the potential impact loading from the animals which is approved by veterinary and animal husbandry experts within the zoo.

This then enabled us to work with All Terrain Warriors to design a structural / automotive solution that met the functional requirements of our client as well as the requirements of the vehicle on-road.

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