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  • Andrew Gall

Argall is born...

It's with a great deal of pleasure that I'm able to illustrate my vision for a 21st century structural and civil engineering practice. It will be a practice that recognises that people make projects and that nothing is more important than great culture, good communication and transparency.

We look forward to building and developing relationships with our clients where we will provide an uncompromising level of service in the early design phase right throughout the entirety of the life of a project, making structural contributions to aesthetic and functional visions over a wide range of project disciplines and project sizes.

We also look forward to balancing our vision of working to combine structural and aesthetic forms with innovating sustainable design.

Finally we look forward to working with our clients in the building and contracting field to re-imagine existing design concepts to assist them to create more efficient functionally designed structures that meet the clients design brief, are cost effective and work in accordance with their desired construction methodologies and technologies.

Regardless of your field or background if you have any queries, or should you like to find out more about Argall, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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